Treating nausea



Nausea and vomiting are a defense mechanism that protects the body against foreign substances. Nausea is a common, and often miserable, condition in connection with operations, radiation and chemotherapy. Many studies have documented the positive effect of TENS as a treatment for nausea, which in contrast to drug treatments has no negative side effects.

The causes of nausea can vary. Postoperative nausea may be due to the anesthesia, the surgical method or the use of various morphine preparations. In cancer patients, chemotherapy itself causes nausea, and radiation is also suspected to release substances that can trigger nausea.

Today we know that TENS treatment on the PC6 acupuncture point reduces nausea, although no theoretical explanation model has been established. TENS treatment helps normalize autonomous activity, affects the serotonin levels and inhibits vagal activity. These effects target nausea individually and probably in combination.

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